Dukkar S.A. is one of the first Oil Trading companies, incorporated in Switzerland by Russian shareholders. It has been founded and registered, in Geneva, in 1994 as a trading unit of Russian Group of companies in development.

Over its period of activity this Group realized many operations and investments:

  • Trade of energy products from Russian Federation territories to the international main markets;
  • Transport of Petroleum products (Fuel Oil and Diesel) by rail in Russian Federation and CIS countries to ports for shipping to final consumers;
  • Fleet management of more than 2’000 railway cistern cars;
  • Management and transport of Oil and Oil products (Fuel Oil, Diesel) by a fleet of up to 50 river-sea vessels;
  • Transport of Oil and Oil products (Fuel Oil, Diesel, LPG) by sea vessels up to VLCC;
  • Tanker storage Onshore and Offshore, accumulation and blending of Products (see list in Logistics);
  • Rail to Tank and Rail to Ship Transshipment;
  • Sea vessels and Icebreakers chartering, icebreaking programs (ice route tracing for tankers, to and from the port of Primorsk);
  • Large Ice-class ship 1A ownership and management;
  • Design, setup and implementation of programs for “Northern delivery” (White Sea and Barents sea);
  • Construction and running in Murmansk, Kola Bay, of its own Oil trans-shipment complex, with double track rolling stock Terminal, steam production Plant;
  • Construction on Kola Bay waters of a private deep draft jetty for accommodation of large Oil tanker;
  • Winter operation of the Kola bay Oil trans-shipment complex, in severe cold weather conditions, with heated processing;
  • Building, owning and operating of a fleet of three Tug boats for the Kola Bay Murmansk operations;
  • Operating its own fleet of fully owned and/or chartered vessels from 30 Kt to 130 Kt DWT, worldwide;
  • Stevedoring services;
  • Implementation of its own operation and risk management programs (CTRM) assuring the most flexible and transparent acceptance and follow up of operations within the Group
Initially, the main area of commercial interests for Dukkar SA was to provide financial and administrative services to the export of Oil and Oil Products from Russia to European and North American refineries and customers.
Soon after, it took a Principal position for the direct execution of trading contracts. Dukkar SA was among of the first to use the optimization of financial model for trading in Petroleum products of Russian origin and created its own funding models, as well as operations with a full supply chain from the production areas to the final customers.

After many years of hard working by the founders, of professional and flexible management, innovation, the use of modern technologies and competitiveness, the companies has grown into a Group, amalgamating the supply chain pieces into a whole range of services such as funding the sources of raw materials, processing it in the Russian Federation, multimodal transporting the Oil and Oil products, accumulating, storing, up to final trans-shipment at ports and delivering it to the international market.

Murmansk and the Northern Route

A particularly noteworthy company project was the construction and operation of the Kola Bay Terminal in the northern ice-free port of Murmansk (Kola Bay of Barents Sea, Russia).

In the summer of 2003, after assessing with accuracy the prospects of development of a new export route through the “Northern Route”, Dukkar designed and started the construction of a trans-shipment, storage and loading Termin al in the northern ice-free port of Murmansk.

The Complex included a 60 cistern-wagons simultaneous trans-load rail port, a dedicated steam production Plant and a 300 m. deep draft jetty with floating storage.

Annual production capacity of this facility went up to 4 million tons of Oil and 2 million tons of Fuel Oil over the years following its building.

In 2004-2005 the Group started the handling and transportation out of Murmansk of goods with vessels up to 130 Kt., thanks to the help of its own fleet of three 4500 HP Tug boats built by Damen Shipyards in Netherland in 2005.
The Group also acquired and managed some Tanker units, along with chartered ones, that were rented to clients including stevedoring and ports services in the area.

The Kola Bay Terminal was also providing port agency services, cargo inspections, tug escorts, technical certification and crewing.

Between 2004 and 2008, the Group operated more than 530 ship calls, ships with foreign flags.

The Group Dukkar has also worked to ensure the correct service of environmental measures in accordance with international standards and environmental regulations.

From 1997 through 2013, the Group has employed as many as 1’250 people.

Today, adapting to the new commercial and financial reality, Dukkar has moved from long-term investments and operating projects, to more flexible and short-term trading activities sitting on its well acquired financial responsiveness and flexibility, focusing on short life cycle projects.

Dukkar’s investment capacity is shifted towards new openings in logistic assets, flexible markets and new demands.