Dukkar has permanent offices in Geneva, Switzerland and in Moscow, Russia, with rep. offices in several countries, upon necessity.

Each pole is largely autonomous in terms of management, which enables the Group to be mobile and efficient. Central management, trade finance and accounting are carried out by Dukkar S.A. in Geneva, while Moscow office is trade and operations oriented.

Each company of the Group is an independent entity with its own financial autonomy, which allows cost optimization and flexibility in decision-making. However risk management remains centralized.

Dukkar S.A. manages the finance and trade support for the Group’s operations, including those of Dukkar-Nord in Moscow.

Dukkar-Nord is the Russian element of the Group whose main activites are trade, transportation and trans-shipment of crude Oil and Petroleum Products in the Russian market, as well as further export of the goods. It provides also to Russian Oil producers, a full range of logistics and trade services, including the transport of goods by rail, barges, river-sea vessels, trans-shipment in ports, offshore ship-to-ship and shipping services.

Dukkar-Nord also provides a wide range of services in the field of legal advices, inspection, freight forwarding, customs clearance and survey services, in particular:

  • Analysis of local and export taxes, custom formalities, regulatory reporting, tax return in the export and import countries;
  • Selection of most efficient jurisdiction for the implement and development of projects
  • Contract structuring in this respect
  • Selection of optimal vehicles for trade and investment projects;
  • Selection and empowering rational forms of collateral and guarantees.