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Welcome to Dukkar Group

Trading is at the heart of Dukkar Group activities. It is formed by independent companies active in the trading of crude oil and related products since 1994. It provides full physical and paper trading and a wide range of related services, including financial support such as trade finance, banking support and bank instruments, shipping and transport operations, marketing, technical, legal, administrative and accounting services.

The Group offers full commercial support as well as special tailored and structured financing and pre-financing applied with precise risk management and expertise.

The guarantee of cargoes quality, quantity and on time delivery is a continuous commitment of Dukkar SA, thanks to its strong relationships with all the actors along the supply chain.
Efficient and responsive, the Group maintains its global perspectives through local insights and accurate knowledge of the worldwide markets dynamics.

A proactive team of specialists brings all the expertise of trading, storage, blending, transportation and delivery of crude Oil and Oil derivates. Since 1994 the Group has acquired a strong professional reputation, a unique export experience as well as a broad partnership base within the industry in, Europe, Asia, North America and Africa.

Dukkar pays a great attention to the respect of its internal policies regulating its activities and structuring its commercial contracts at each stage of the transactions. It organizes ongoing training initiatives for its professional team of employees, in order to improve the corporate culture and use its values as a business philosophy.

These many years of experience and professionalism, a well-deserved reputation, stable relationships with all market participants, including financial institutions, a flexibility and a systematic business approach enable each of the Group’s companies to be effective, dynamic and to offer to the partners robust, balanced and optimal solutions.

Namely, the right combination of experience, innovation and professionalism has allowed Dukkar Group, since 1994, to remain on the market amid its turmoil and to maintain stable and profitable relationships with all its commercial partners since 1994 and to successfully implement the most ambitious projects.